How to effectively expand your online sales

Keeping online sales on a high level sometimes might be difficult. Especially when it comes to highly competitive industries or markets. This doesn’t look optimistic, as sales are the primary goal of every business. However, fortunately there are plenty of guidelines you can follow to boost your sales. In this article you will get to know a few of them.

Be honest in your Sales Copy

As obvious as it seems, it is one of the most important factors determining the amount of sales. Honesty is key, overestimating and overhyping descriptions of your products might primarily boost sales rate, however it will be a very short-term result, a returns rate will also grow tremendously. Therefore, in result it is not worth to artificially wind up sales. It not only makes your customers go to different sellers, as they are disappointed in your products, but also negatively affects your brand credibility, trust and reputation, which are troublesome to be gained back.

Try to not make claims that are empty promises. If you are not sure of a particular feature or characteristic of a product, don’t include it in the description. It is better to say less but true, than to exaggerate by adding inverity.

Honesty in your texts, articles or product descriptions, etc is crucial for building an image of a trustworthy, legit brand. Moreover, you should make sure that you use appropriate language, when it comes to the target audience as well as the position of your business. Do not pretend to be a world-wide company when you’re a small, local business, be genuine with what your brand is and who your target customer is. In conclusion, don’t try to fake anything. Remember that nowadays it is easy to search the web and find true information or opinions. If you’re caught lying in your sales copy, you will disincentivise potential consumers.


Testimonials and trust Signals

Having a society of loyal, satisfied customers might be far more influential and beneficial than the most well-written pieces of sales copy. Including praising testimonials and reviews will show your prospects that your brand has satisfied customers, who are happy with their purchase and products. You can put them on product pages, pricing pages, landing pages or even home page. Just make sure they are visible to the customers before actually finalising the purchase.

Including trust signals can be an excellent way to boost online sales because it creates a more credible view of your brand in the prospect's mind and can potentially encourage purchase. If your company has any professional accreditations put them in a visible part of your website, preferably home page. Your prospects should be aware of your list of satisfied customers and certifications.

Moderate boasting about your store successes is the key in creating awareness about the position of your brand. Customers often don’t like to be the first ones to try a new product, so knowing that there is somebody who has already bought something and is happy about the purchase helps make shopping decisions. It is kind of a WoMM, i.e. word of mouth marketing, which simply relies on using customers' commendations as a part of promotional strategy. Nowadays people, when it comes to shopping, tend to trust the recommendations of other people more than the claims of the brand itself. Therefore, facilitating the way to reach reviews makes the shopping process easier and faster.


UX of the site

Branding and UX are inextricably linked. A website with a poor user experience may tarnish the reputation of a well-known brand. An up and coming company, on the other hand, can benefit from an easy to navigate and functional experience. Branding and user experience are both about perception, and for a business to succeed, both must be consistent.

A UX designer must put themselves in the shoes of the end user before even beginning the development process of a project. Designers must be able to see a website through the eyes of a user and anticipate the best ways for them to navigate it. They must take the numerous pieces and assemble them in a way that makes sense to those navigating it.

Companies that provide high-value experiences, positive interactions, or high rewards  will retain more customers simply because their customers enjoy doing business with them. The more steps users must take to access the information they seek, the more likely it is that they will abandon the process. You can reduce the number of steps customers must take by improving their user experience.



These are only a few tips on enhancing online sales. However, taking steps in accordance with these guidelines should bring visible results to your sales rate. Improving your sales is not difficult when you know some useful, efficient tips. Remember, be transparent and honest in your sales copy, include customer reviews and certificates and improve User Experience.